Delegate Information

Join the next level of  involvement and leadership!

Definition: A delegate is a person who speaks or acts on behalf of an organization.

1. Benefits of being a delegate:

            a. Eligible to become a board member after one semester

            b. Earn 3 LIC points for Delegate status and 1 LIC point for committee participation

            c. Opportunity to chair/co-chair a committee (additional 3 LIC)

            d. 1.5 hours of community service = 1 LIC point

            e. Be the spokesperson for your class- keep them informed on all SNA happenings!

            f. Represent one vote at SNA meetings.

2. Delegate Responsibilities:

a. Attend SNA meetings. Delegates are only allowed to miss two (2) meetings unexcused.

b. Take information back to their respective classes to inform them of the happenings of SNA.                         

c. Send an email through Blackboard regarding pertinent information from the meeting with attached meeting minutes

d. Officially join the Student Organization (SNA) on the Office of Student Life sponsored website, Orgsync.

e. Actively participate in your assigned committee.

f. Participate in at least one SNA sponsored event each semester

3. Application:

a. Most hold NSNA/MNSA/GVSU SNA membership status.

b. There are ten (10) voting delegate positions as well as two (2) non-voting delegate positions available to each cohort.

c. In the event that the interest level is greater than the number of positions available, the candidates must write an essay explaining why they would like to be a delegate for their class.  These essays are voted on by the GVSU SNA Board of Directors.