Legislative Committee:

This committee is chaired by the President, and it is focused on keeping our organization’s rules and regulations up-to-date. Its members may work on any necessary revisions to our Bylaws and Policies & Procedures documents.  These guide current and future members of our SNA to uphold the professional attitude that we strive for.  This committee also educates students on current legislation affecting their state and country involving nurses and the nursing profession, and encourages nursing students to actively familiarize themselves with government representatives who are nurses and have the nurses interest in mind.  This winter semester the committee will focus on having an advocacy day and participate in the Nurses March in Lansing on March 22nd.


Global Initiatives Committee:

This committee is chaired by the Vice President and its goal is to help the efforts of student nurses that wish to increase awareness of global health issues.  This may be through local events or through guidance and aid for students who wish to study abroad and further their education with other organizations such as International Service Learning.  If you are interested in global health issues and helping your fellow nursing students have a global impact, then please speak with our Vice President!


Historian Committee:

“History is a record of exploded ideas.” – Admiral Fisher

This committee, along with the Nursing in the News Committee, is chaired by the Secretary. It is important to maintain documentation of an association’s past to appreciate its growth and continuous success. This committee focuses on documenting all SNA events by taking pictures and creating a photobook of the semester’s activities, providing SNA with chronological documentation. Our job is also to keep the SNA bulletin board on the 4th floor of CHS updated. If you enjoy the art of photography, then this is the committee for you- be a part of history and showcase your creativity through SNA!

Nursing in the News Committee: 

This committee is also chaired by the Secretary and its goal is to keep nursing students up-to-date on the happenings in the nursing community and at the Kirkhof College of Nursing (KCON).  In order to expand the field of nursing, we must first take steps to inform others.  This committee is continuously working on getting SNA recognized through the creation of an SNA newsletter each semester. The newsletter will include information and activities that SNA was a part of  throughout the semester within KCON and the community.

Finance Committee:

This committee is chaired by the Treasurer and organizes events such as bake sales, Wine & Canvas events, and restaurant fundraisers that profit both SNA and other organizations in the community. This committee is also responsible for collecting pop cans periodically throughout the semester in CHS. Fundraising also helps with the merchandise sales by sorting forms for ordering and organizing items when they are ready to pick up . This committee puts the FUN in fundraising!  Committee members will help determine how our funds are allocated through clinical reimbursements and funding requests by KCON students. 

 Resolutions and Awards Committee: 

This committee is chaired by the Communications Director. Resolutions are unique opportunities to improve and impact nursing. Our committee works to implement change for a decided issue or need in nursing. Every other year, we research a chosen topic and write a formal proposal to be presented at the Michigan Nursing Students Association (MNSA) and National Student Nurses’ Association (NSNA) annual conventions. Through this process, we keep our practice as nurses moving forward and ever improving. In other years, the resolution committee has chosen to acknowledge the work of our local SNA chapter. During the off years when we don’t write a resolution, we seek out and identify possible awards to receive from the state and national SNA based on the achievements of our peers.  The committee then selects and diligently applies for these awards so GVSU SNA’s work can be recognized not only at the local level, but at the state and even national tier.  If you want to be a crucial component in progressing nursing and making our SNA chapter nationally recognized, this is the committee for you!

Membership Committee: 

This committee is chaired by the Membership Director and is responsible for organizing speakers and presentations for members at our SNA meetings.  You will also participate in the KCON pinning ceremony at the end of the semester.  Lastly, this committee will focus on building relationships with the KCON Alumni Association and the GVSU Pre-Nursing Association.

Community Involvement Committee: 

The Community Involvement Committee is chaired by the Volunteer Director and serves as a branch to provide opportunities for our organization to volunteer in the community. Is also serves as a way to network within the greater Grand Rapids area, which is important while looking for jobs post-graduation. Members of this committee are responsible for organizing and attending two volunteer events.  You may either find new volunteer opportunities for the general SNA membership, or work with one of the several organizations that SNA has already partnered with. As a committee member you may also be asked to help calculate the volunteer hours into LIC point spreadsheets at the end of the semester. The Community Involvement Committee both broadens communication and nursing skills and is a ton of fun!

Student Assist Committee:

This committee is chaired by the Curriculum Director, and it is a great opportunity to assist yourself as well as the student body to prepare for a successful semester, The members of the Student Assist Committee will help their classmates by organizing and administering study resources in the form of practice exams, NCLEX reviews, practicum practice, and APA editing groups. This committee is continuously working on anticipating the needs of each nursing class and works to find new ways to meet those needs. If you want to make a difference in the lives around you now, this committee is for you.

Community Health Project Committee:

IMG_5044This committee is chaired by the Community Health Director, and members of this committee are responsible for carrying out our community health initiatives and resolutions by hosting events that promote awareness and serve our community. The time commitment for this committee includes organizing and attending at least one of the CHP events. This committee is a lot of fun and helps to put smiles on the faces of our community and maintain our dedication to our passed resolutions (both at the state and national level!). This fall semester the committee will work on planning and holding their annual Comedy for a Cause event!  Get involved and do some good for your community!

Elderly Action Committee:

This is no longer a stand alone committee – it has been added into the work of the Volunteer Director and the Community Involvement Committee.

Breakthrough to Nursing Committee (BTN):

2014 Girl Scout EventThis committee is chaired by the Image and BTN Director, and its members strive to reach out to people and teach them about the profession of nursing. Some events taking place this semester include a healthcare simulation with high school students, reading projects at local elementary schools, and high school presentation.  In the winter semesters this committee holds their annual “Girl Scouts Explore Nursing!” event.  If you want to inspire others to become nurses and represent nursing in a positive way, this is the committee is for you!