Fall 2014 LIC Form

  • This form is for submitting volunteer hours and LIC hours to receive Leadership U credit and LIC extra credit. Each member needs to submit a filled out form and email it to the Community Wellness Director at community.gvsusna@gmail.com by December 1st, 2014 at 5:00pm

LIC Discrepancy Form

  • This form is to be filled out by the member involved in the event of a discrepancy in points or LIC hours earned.

LIC Approval Form

  • This form is to be filled out by a member or delegate who is planning a volunteer event in order to receive LIC hour approval for extra credit points. This form must be sent to the Community Wellness Director 1-2 weeks before the event begins via e-mail at community.gvsusna@gmail.com.

ASD LIC Policy

  • This form explains how ASD students receive LIC points, as their semesters are divided.

Leadership University Certificate Request Form

  • The NSNA Leadership U provides opportunities for nursing students to be recognized for the leadership and management skills they develop through participation in NSNA’s programs and activities. From the school chapter level to the state and national levels, nursing students learn how to work in cooperative relationships with peers, faculty, students in other disciplines, community service organizations, and the public in a service learning environment. The Leadership U is open to all nursing programs preparing students for RN licensure that are official NSNA constituents and to those schools working toward constituency status.