Leadership Initiative Credits

 “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.”  Winston Churchill

What Are They?

Leadership Initiative Credits (LIC) are points given to nursing students for involvement in bettering the mind, body, and spirit of the community. LIC points provide a way to recognize the holistic approach to nursing practice which goes beyond patient care. LIC points are calculated based on the amount of volunteer work that each student does each semester while in the nursing program. Any volunteer event announced at an SNA meeting, posted on the SNA website, or sent to you in an email by the Community Wellness Director will count towards volunteer hours that calculate into LIC points. The volunteer hours are then divided based on how active that an SNA member is.

How many points can I receive for my volunteering?

Board members: Volunteer hours are divided by 1
Delegates: Volunteer hours are divided by 1.5
SNA members: Volunteer hours are divided by 2
Non-SNA members: Volunteer hours are divided by 3

How do I receive points to my class grade?

After volunteering for the semester, each student must fill out an LIC Volunteer Hour Form each semester, and submit the form by it’s due date in order to receive credit. Points are calculated based on what is written on the form that is submitted by the student. In order to receive credit for all the volunteer work that a student has done during the semester, they must put down all their volunteer events on the form. It is the responsibility of the student to fill out their form correctly, as no changes will be made after the deadline. The Community Wellness Director of the SNA will be more than willing to help any student fill out their form before the deadline. Once the form has been submitted by the deadline, the Community Wellness Director goes through each form and calculates points based on what is written on the form. The calculations are checked three times before they are submitted to the professors that are in charge of each NUR class. Once these points have been submitted, the LIC Volunteer Hour Forms are then turned over to faculty advisor of the SNA.

What if I don’t agree with how many points I received?

If a student has a discrepancy about how many points they should receive, they should contact the Community Wellness Director of the SNA and fill out an LIC point discrepancy form. The student’s form that is in question will be reviewed by the SNA Board. If there are changes that are to be made, the Community Wellness Director will contact the professor that is in charge of that NUR class. LIC points should not be argued with nursing faculty as they are not in charge of calculating them. LIC points are awarded through the SNA and are therefore a responsibility of the SNA.