Study Abroad in Ghana

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This study abroad program opportunity is through Grand Valley’s own Padnos International Center. This program offers an intercultural nursing experience and a unique way to compare and contrast different community-based health care systems. Students will fulfill the community health portion of the 10-credit immersion course (NUR 467) in the spring/summer semester. This program is geared to replace the 42 community health nursing hours with an experience in an international setting in community health centers in and around Cape Coast, Ghana.

Community health center nursing experiences will include but are not limited to windshield surveys, individual and family health assessments, culturally appropriate health education, and analysis of the health system in Ghana, including the role of nurses, traditional health practitioners, and, how as a country, they address WHO millennial goals. Students will have the add-ed opportunity of observing how inter-professional teams provide health services.
A well-administered country by regional standards, Ghana is often seen as a model for political and economic reform in Africa. Participants will have the opportunity to explore Cape Coast and nearby towns with deep historical roots. Cape Coast was the largest slave-trading center in West Africa. From the arts markets at the city center to European forts and castles along end-less beaches, students will find themselves surrounded by diverse cultures and daily opportunities to embrace diversity and cross-cultural exchange. Students will visit Cape Coast Castle and Kakum National Park, as well as enjoy cultural experiences including traditional dancing and the rich and varied cuisines of the Gold Coast.

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Study Abroad in Nicosia, Cyprus


This summer program is a five-week academic program with a Practicum in Management and Provision of Care hosted by the University of Nicosia based in Nicosia, Cyprus. The program is designed for nursing students who are interested in healthcare to learn about the differences in health care management between the United States and Europe as they relate to provision of care, funding, public health, patient education and legal environment. Classroom work is supplemented by site visits to 5-7 public and private hospitals and clinics in Cyprus and a Nursing Practicum.

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Go on an International Service Learning trip with ISL!


As a socially responsible international educational NGO, ISL enlists medical and educational volunteer teams for the provision of services to under-served populations in Central and South America, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Africa.

ISL provides educational opportunities for students from over a hundred universities in several countries, primarily from the United States.  It is the goal of ISL to partner student and professional teams from developed countries with service opportunities in developing countries.   This is accomplished by offering educational opportunities on a contractual basis to both educational institutions and individual students. The resulting financial resources are used to fund teams serving in various countries.  In so doing, ISL  provides annual employment for over a hundred individuals in developing countries.  These jobs range from full-time employment to part-time contracts.  We employ medical professionals and providers of services such as transportation, translation, guides and logistics (food, housing, etc.).

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