What is SNA?

SNA stands for Student Nurses’ Association. There are hundreds of SNA’s nationwide that represent the voice of nursing students. 98% of KCON students are members of the GVSU SNA. We are a pre-professional organization that is actively involved in the events of KCON and the community.

Do I have time to be involved with SNA?

YES!  To hold membership status, you must pay a one-time fee but you are not required to do anything else.

Becoming a delegate requires attending all general meetings (2 excused absences permitted) which are held every other Monday,  and they last one hour. After every general meeting, delegates are responsible for making a quick in-class announcement and sending an e-mail to your theory class with the meeting minutes attached . Lastly, delegates are required to serve on one committee,  time commitments vary by committee.

The amount of time you spend volunteering is up to you and how much extra credit (LIC) you wish to receive. 

What is a member? 

A member is a person who belongs to group of people or organization. Being a member of the SNA requires you to fill out an enrollment form and pay a one-time fee of $100 that gets billed to your student account. Your student account will be billed one semester after you sign up for SNA. When you sign up, you become a member of the NSNA, MNSA and GVSU SNA.

What does my $100 membership fee go toward?

$70 goes to your NSNA/MNSA membership; $30 goes to GVSU SNA.  MNSA/NSNA Convention attendees get their travel expenses and hotel paid for by GVSU SNA dues.  GVSU SNA pays for graduation cords, reimburses clinical groups for expenses, and awards membership scholarships. We also host events and provide other benefits to the classes throughout the year that require the use of these funds.

What is a delegate?

A delegate is a person who speaks or acts on behalf of an organization.  Becoming a delegate is the next level of involvement in SNA, after general member status. They have added benefits, responsibilities, and voting rights. Please see the “Delegate Information” page for details.

What is a committee?

A committee is a small group of people within a larger organization that work together to accomplish a common goal. We currently have 10 committees and are always looking for new ideas! Please see the “Committees” page for details and list of committees that the SNA offers.

What is LIC? Is it mandatory?

LIC stands for Leadership Initiative Credit. You earn these credits by volunteering in approved events. The number of points you earn for each volunteer hour is based off of your level of involvement in SNA. Please see the “LIC Points” page for more details.

LIC points are NOT mandatory. They are extra credit points applied to your theory class. There is no other way to receive extra credit points in the nursing program.