Becoming a Member

You can sign up to be a member by signing up at your Nursing 266 orientation.  There is a one time fee of 100 dollars which will be billed to your student account.  This money is split by 30 dollars staying with the local chapter and 70 dollars sent to the national chapter and is distributed between the national and state chapters.  The money that is sent to to the national chapter is used to pay for national and state membership.  The money that stays with the local chapter is used to pay for students to go to convention as well as other items that the board decides to purchase for the general membership.  

If you have already missed the sign up during Nursing 266 orientation and still wish to become a member, fill out the NSNA application and give it to the membership director (email:

To view a PowerPoint showcased to new members click here

To download a printable pdf of the application click here

Benefits of Being a member

  • Developing professional skills to transition into your nursing career.
  • Educate and serve the community through volunteer work.
  • Gain leadership skills through involvement in a pre-professional organization.
  • Network with students, faculty and staff at GVSU.
  • Advance interview and resume expertise
  • Meet potential employers and other members of professional organizations.
  • Apply for scholarships exclusively for NSNA members
  • Opportunities to attend state and national SNA conventions for free
  • Create a difference amongst the Grand Rapids community
  • Study sessions specific for each cohort’s exams