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In order to prepare for a career as a professional nurse, Kirkhof College of Nursing highly encourages involvement in the Student Nurses’ Association (SNA).  Belonging to a nursing organization is part of having a professional identity. GVSU’s SNA is an ideal organization for membership because it provides opportunities for professional development, community service, and leadership.  The local association is comprised of a board of directors, including a president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, community wellness director, image and break through to nursing director, communications director, membership director, Community Health director, and curriculum director.  All members have the option of applying for delegate status, and with that comes voting privileges.  Faculty advisors are involved to help provide direction and encouragement.

The board of directors meets every other week to discuss conference planning, potential speakers, fundraising, and various student issues, and general meetings are held on every other week in between board meetings.  There are multiple student conferences throughout the year, and GVSU SNA is represented at each.  SNA is a chapter of the National Student Nurses’ Association and the Michigan Nursing Student Association as well as an official GVSU organization registered through Grand Valley State University’s Student Life Office.